Restaurant Gariful

gariful restoran

Type of restaurant:

Family-run restaurant of salon type. Predominantly Dalmatian and Mediterranean specialties with a rich selection of high-quality wines.

Working hours

Every day
10:00 am – 02:00 am
1. April- 1. November

About restaurant Gariful

On the picturesque island of Hvar, surrounded by the turquoise Adriatic and rich history, lies one of the most prominent culinary gems of the Mediterranean – Gariful restaurant. This renowned establishment is known for its elegant atmosphere, fresh seafood, and stunning sea views, making it a must-visit destination for all true lovers of fine dining and relaxed enjoyment.

The location itself provides an incredible ambiance. Situated right on the Hvar waterfront, Gariful offers beautiful views of the harbor and picturesque boats coming in and out of the port. Whether it’s a sunset or a romantic dinner by the sea, this place provides an unforgettable experience for all the senses.

One of Gariful’s greatest treasures is its cuisine. From fresh catches of Adriatic fish to a variety of seafood, each dish is carefully prepared to highlight the richness of local ingredients. Taste their famous fish soup, freshly prepared shellfish on buzara, or tuna fillet with Mediterranean spices – every bite is a journey through the flavors of the region.

Gariful also boasts an impressive wine list with selected wines to complement each dish perfectly. The wine list explores the richness of Croatian vineyards, and the restaurant’s knowledgeable staff will happily recommend the best choices to accompany your meal.

The ambiance of Gariful is perfectly complemented by professional and friendly staff ready to cater to every guest’s desire. Their commitment to high service standards ensures visitors feel welcomed and special, making every meal not just a culinary experience but an unforgettable moment to cherish.

Gariful restaurant has become not only a recognizable name on the island of Hvar but also a symbol of excellent Mediterranean cuisine and relaxed Adriatic elegance. Its long-standing tradition, blend of local flavors and international influences, and beautiful setting make it a place where the passion for food and the beauty of the Adriatic come together to create an invaluable experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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