Malo Grablje, island of Hvar

malo grablje

Malo Grablje

Immersed in “Nowhere” until one arrives there – in Malo Grablje, into its essence as a rural entity. This isn’t on any path of its own, but along the way next to the curves of a dried-up stream. In Grablje, one doesn’t travel but rather “streams” along the flow of the creek. In the path of natural flow, if moral-ethical perfection is to not interfere with nature but let everything follow its “higher” course, Malo Grablje is perfection in execution, a game of hide-and-seek that is not a human invention. Not being visible is a modesty resulting in patience and careful observation, almost diving into the essence of existence to comprehend and resolve the essence of self-sustainability.

No, this isn’t a pirate settlement. Pirates take more than they build, while the builders of this place understand the tenderness of intimacy. This oasis of peace amidst worldly tumult and interpreters of divine signs is wisdom, not cowardice. The beautiful fairytale-like construction of houses, street bridges, and the flowing streets within the stone circle in the canyon’s incision build Grablje from stones and rocks. It was built so carefully and sincerely, with a spark of creativity culminating in the gentleness of night and tranquil peace.

To see how Grablje inhabitants have experienced what closeness, intimacy, and tenderness mean, look at the cemetery near Milna, where they have transferred their loved ones to be with them in the trials of new and different times.

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