Gromin Dolac, island of Hvar

Gromin dolac

Gromin Dolac

In the 17th century, around 1660, a watchtower was built as a stronghold against pirates, with a few houses that became homes for several residents from the village of Vrisnik. In 1991, there were 10 inhabitants, and by 2011, only 4 remained. Gromin Dolac is situated 75 meters above sea level and currently lacks restaurants, cafes, shops, or permanent residents. There are just a few vacation apartments and houses.

On the hill above Gromin Dolac, at a place called Žuminski Dolac, there is another beautiful site: a Neolithic cave dating back to the 5th millennium BCE.

The shape of Gromin Dolac resembles an amphitheater, and there is a tradition that lightning strikes there like mad.

This is a place under the stars, free from light pollution, a kind of refuge in a region where you can bring your own fire and establish a temporary residence. If you’re not afraid of thunderbolts as the ultimate test of courage in facing uncertainty… of survival, of course. Which is often much easier than the uncertainty of human folly.

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