Selca kod Starog Grada, island of Hvar


About Selca

At an elevation of 209 meters above sea level, on the slopes of the southern side of Stari Grad bay, lies the village of Selca, nestled like a bird’s nest. Around 1900, Selca was bustling with life, having 185 inhabitants, but today, only 9 people live there. Many buildings and the remains of the rural complex are protected cultural heritage. Located 4 km from Stari Grad on the old road to Hvar, Selca has seen generations of its inhabitants grow up and either move to Stari Grad or venture out into the world.

With a view of Stari Grad bay, numerous lavender fields, and the proximity of Stari Grad port just a few kilometers away, Selca is a place from which one can describe and panoramically view the northern side of the island of Hvar. The endless view of the surrounding islands, panoramic views of numerous arable fields, dense pine forests, the scents and breezes from the heights, make this beautiful place a memory of magical impressions.

The vastness is present in a 50 km wide semicircle radius, starting from the very rich foreground of the slopes descending into the sea, across the bay to the other side of the gulf, and up to Vidova Gora on Brač, finally halting at the Dinaric Alps above Split and Makarska.

Is beauty “too overwhelming” to leave easily or with difficulty? It depends on the person, but either way, small places are dying out. Why? A tavern, a few old ruined houses, and some renovated buildings are what you will see if you don’t stop.

Around Selca, there are remnants of prehistoric stone mounds, and you can embark on a hike called “Paths of the Illyrians” to find in the hills and cliffs above a foothold for your “view of the world.”

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