Dubovica, island of Hvar


Bay Dubovica

When heading to the eastern side of the island of Hvar to the village of Dubovica, departing from the main island ferry port in the protected bay of Starigrad, shielded from all winds except the pleasant maestral, towards the town of Hvar via a road stretching about fifteen kilometers, you need to turn right onto a gentle uphill path. After 2 kilometers, a beautiful tunnel of 1500 meters pierces through the hill of Humak, and whether we want it or not, confined by the impression of a one and a half kilometer long tunnel at the exit and high above the sea, liberated from the bright circle of the end, we see infinity… the semicircular horizon of the southern side of the island.

If we descend along the winding road towards the coast, we will find ourselves in the bay of Dubovica, where we will behold a beautiful beach with a few houses and the church of St. Stephen from 1647, with one puzzle: we need to find the Glagolitic letter!

It’s better to descend for about ten minutes and then ascend for just as long for two reasons rather than one. The second reason is certainly the Duba beach bar with a cocktail bar where you can stay and imagine the historical situation of an ancient shipwreck, the remains of which are in the immediate offshore vicinity. The sea around Dubovica Beach is an Underwater Archaeological Zone – an immovable cultural asset. But here also springs sweet water, known locally as “good water,” which originates from the spring called “Dubov dol” (Dubov Valley), after perhaps a giant “dub” – an oak tree that grew huge by drinking the water that cascaded downhill into the spring.


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