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About Hvar

Hvar is a beautiful island in Dalmatia that offers a wealth of different activities for all types of visitors. In the very heart of the island lies the Old Town, surrounded by walls and full of numerous historical buildings such as the cathedral, Fortica fortress, and the Hvar Theatre. The island boasts many stunning beaches, including the Pakleni Islands, Dubovica Beach, and Stipanska Beach. Hvar is also known for its vineyards, and visitors can taste local wines such as Plavac Mali and Bogdanuša.

The nightlife on Hvar is also very lively. The island has many bars, clubs, and restaurants that attract visitors from all over the world. In addition to entertainment, Hvar is known for its gastronomy. Here you can enjoy delicious food made from locally grown products such as fresh seafood, olive oil, and various types of cheese.

Hvar Island is ideal for day trips and summer vacations. It is accessible by ferry lines from Split and Dubrovnik and flights to Split Airport. With a diverse range of activities, Hvar will satisfy the taste of every visitor and provide them with an unforgettable experience.

Hvar island

Cities and towns

The island of Hvar is a beautiful island in Croatia, known for its beauty, rich history and lively cities. Each of these places has its own unique atmosphere, history and beauty that you can explore during your visit to the island.


The nightlife on Hvar is one of the liveliest on the Adriatic coast. The island is known for its charming bars, clubs, and night beaches that attract visitors from all over the world. From relaxed beach bars along the coast to exclusive clubs offering top-notch music and cocktails, Hvar offers a diverse range of options for all tastes. The nightlife here typically starts late in the evening and continues until the early morning hours, creating an unforgettable experience for party enthusiasts.

carpe diem

Carpe Diem Bar

Ka'Lavanda Music Bar

Ka’Lavanda Music Bar



kiva bar

Kiva Bar


Restaurants in Hvar provide an exceptional gastronomic experience that combines traditional Mediterranean flavors with a modern twist. On this beautiful island, you can find a variety of dining styles, from authentic fish taverns to elegant fine dining restaurants. Many restaurants use fresh local ingredients such as freshly caught fish, olive oil, and herbs to create unforgettable dishes. Enjoying dinner with views of picturesque shores and stunning sunsets makes dining in Hvar an unforgettable experience for gourmets and travel enthusiasts alike.

Excursions and activities

Excursions and activities in Hvar abound with diverse opportunities to explore and enjoy the island’s natural beauty. Visitors can explore numerous hidden coves and beaches by sailing or kayaking along the coast, discovering the pristine beauty of the Adriatic Sea. For hiking enthusiasts, Hvar offers a network of trails through stunning landscapes and dense pine forests, providing spectacular panoramic views. Additionally, visitors can explore historical landmarks such as fortresses and old town centers and experience local culture through various festivals, concerts, and cultural events throughout the year.


Vineyard tour

blue cave tour

Blue cave tour

Mountain climbing

Exploring hiking trails

Pakleni islands tour

Pakleni islands tour

Beaches and coves

The beaches and coves on the island of Hvar offer a paradise getaway with crystal-clear waters and untouched natural surroundings. On the south side of the island, beaches such as Dubovica, Zavala, and Ivan Dolac captivate visitors with their white pebble beaches and tranquil coves. On the north side, beaches like Stari Grad, Maslinica, and Malo Zarace offer spectacular landscapes surrounded by pines and crystal blue waters. Coves such as Stiniva and Žukova provide hidden spots for peaceful enjoyment of nature, while beaches like Hvar Bay and Palmižana are known for their lively atmosphere and numerous amenities such as beach bars and restaurants. Regardless of your preferences, Hvar offers diverse options for a perfect day at the beach.



zavala hvar


palmižana hvar


ivan dolac hvar

Ivan Dolac


Tourist services on the island of Hvar are highly developed and tailored to the needs of visitors. Tourist offices provide a wealth of information, island maps, and advice on activities and attractions. Local accommodations offer comfortable lodging, and many also provide additional services such as organizing excursions and transportation. Restaurants and shops offer a wide selection of local specialties and souvenirs. Additionally, there are various tourist agencies that organize activities such as boat trips, diving, hiking, and cycling, giving visitors the opportunity to fully experience the beauty of Hvar island.

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Rent a boat

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Rent a car



Health care

Health care


Accommodation on the island of Hvar offers a wide range of options tailored to different needs and preferences of visitors. From luxurious hotels with sea views to authentic family-run guesthouses and apartments, Hvar has accommodation options for every taste and budget. Visitors can also enjoy staying in rustic cottages in the island’s interior or relax in modern villas with private pools. Regardless of the choice, guests can expect a pleasant stay with the hospitality of hosts and access to numerous amenities that contribute to an unforgettable experience on the island of Hvar.

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