Svirče, island of Hvar



In the valley between the surrounding hills, where water and greenery naturally converge, the inhabitants of Vrbanj settled, partly due to the possibility of stable animal husbandry. The word “svir” means water, which is an ideal combination in the “South” for growing grapevines, ensuring both high yield volumes and guaranteed quality provided by the Sun. In 2006, the winery in Svirče was declared the best in Croatia. Along with olive cultivation and some tourism, the area sustains about four hundred inhabitants, which is half the population it had in its peak year of 1900. Other places on the island of Hvar have experienced a fivefold decrease in population.

The residents of Svirče are also engaged in tourism and viticulture in Ivan Dolac, Jagodna, and Sveta Nedjelja, which belongs to the municipality of Hvar. The surnames Makijanić, Plančić, and Plenković are well-known in Europe, our new teacher of life, which, as an “old lady,” seeks to compete with the rural happiness brought forth by “old grannies.” These very “grannies” were the backbone of enduring the games of the “Great” generals of the two World Wars, supplying the armies with their sons and feeding their loved ones with kale and offal so that as many as possible could go to the Armies. “Grannies,” as the foundation of patriarchal society, along with patriarchy, are scattered ALL OVER THE WORLD, synonymous with the virtue of endurance, as something “natural.” The geometric-theoretical concept of “RIGHT,” as something artificial, distorted in relation to the serpentine crookedness of the concept of “nature,” which sometimes is seen as a divine gift and other times as uncivilized, does not apply to them. This inconsistency is the “shortness” of the culture of thought because thought itself does not exist as something “natural” nor “by nature.” We all “by nature” have 5 fingers on our hands, but we don’t have instructions on what to do with them. What women’s hands will do, as determined by nature or God, is dictated by patriarchy. Farewell to reason and see you in the next war… precisely as something “natural.”

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