Dalmatino restaurant

dalmatino hvar

Type of restaurant:

Steak and fish house

Working hours

Monday – Saturday
12:00 pm do 12:00 am

Sunday closed

About Dalmatino restaurant

Restaurant Dalmatino offers a unique opportunity to experience authentic Dalmatian cuisine in the heart of the stunning Adriatic island of Hvar. Situated in the picturesque, historic town of Hvar, this restaurant distinguishes itself with an exceptional array of traditional dishes prepared with love and expertise, using only the freshest local ingredients. The menu at Restaurant Dalmatino Hvar is impressive, featuring a touch of Dalmatian tradition in every dish. From fresh fish and seafood to classic meat specialties like “pašticada” or lamb cooked under a bell, to irresistible homemade desserts such as “rožata” or “fritule,” everything is prepared with meticulous attention to detail to provide guests with an authentic gastronomic experience.

In addition to excellent cuisine, the restaurant boasts a superb wine list from its own wine cellar, showcasing the finest Dalmatian and Croatian wines, with special highlights from nearby Hvar vineyards.

Enhanced by distinctive Dalmatian music in the background, every meal at Restaurant Dalmatino becomes a journey through Dalmatian culture and tradition. Moreover, the friendly restaurant staff is always ready to recommend a dish or wine selection, ensuring guests feel welcomed and enjoy every moment of their stay. Therefore, if you are looking for a place where you can taste genuine Dalmatian cuisine in an authentic setting, look no further. Restaurant Dalmatino is the perfect place for you.

Restaurant Dalmatino is not only a venue where you can enjoy fine dining but also offers luxury service that leaves no one indifferent. This restaurant is renowned for providing each guest with personalized attention, always striving to satisfy their gastronomic desires and needs. The service at Restaurant Dalmatino is top-notch: professional, courteous, and always smiling staff are ready to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Whether it’s recommending dishes, offering wine advice, or assisting with special dietary needs, the restaurant staff is always available to ensure your visit is as enjoyable as possible. Furthermore, the restaurant’s interior is elegant and comfortable, with warm tones that create a pleasant atmosphere for indulging in Dalmatian delicacies. When it comes to gastronomy, Restaurant Dalmatino offers an exceptionally rich selection of dishes that blend traditional Dalmatian recipes with modern culinary trends. Each dish on the menu is prepared with care and expertise, using only the highest quality local ingredients. A visit to Restaurant Dalmatino is not just a meal but a true gastronomic journey that will enchant you with its flavors, aromas, and ambiance. If you are seeking a place to experience a top-notch culinary adventure combined with luxury service, this is the place for you.

Located in the heart of Hvar town, Restaurant Dalmatino embodies the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. This restaurant is a true representative of Dalmatian culture and its culinary traditions, while also keeping up with the latest trends in gastronomy, offering its guests a unique and modern experience. Restaurant Dalmatino is where traditional Dalmatian cuisine meets modern culinary artistry. The dishes are inspired by centuries-old recipes but adapted to suit modern tastes and dietary preferences.

Moreover, the restaurant uses only the freshest local ingredients, emphasizing the importance of preserving local agriculture and sustainable development. The restaurant’s interior combines traditional and modern elements, creating an atmosphere that is both relaxing and elegant. The restaurant staff is professional and always ready to assist, whether it’s recommending dishes, pairing wines, or organizing special events. Therefore, if you want to experience authentic Dalmatian cuisine in a modern setting, with exceptional service and a wonderful view, this location in Hvar is the perfect choice for you.

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